Dr. Steve Mann, UK

Apart from the social side of this course, I really enjoyed this experience because I love to learn. Despite my previous teaching and tutoring experiences, this was actually my first formal course in how to teach and I was happy to see that many of the things I had been doing by instinct had well established principals

Despite the deadlines and timescale set by the tutors I enjoyed the feeling of being 'in control'. I was the one who chose how to work, when to work and how long to work for.

The greatest advantage to me has to have been the flexibility of the course. I was away from home over 200 nights last year and when I did have access to a phone it was not always the right time to call my family, but it was always the right time to log on catch up.

I found the quality of the learning, to be without question. Information, experience and guidance came at me from all directions.

I found the tutors to be rather like the wind, never seen but always felt. They were always there, pushing me in the right direction, sometimes gently, sometimes a little harder!!

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