Prof. Mahmood Moshfeghian
at the University of Qatar

Mahmood Moshfeghianis a Professor Chemical Engineering in the University of Qatar. He serves in the Graduate Program Committee of Chemical Engineering Department and is the Chairman of the Accreditation Committee (ABET) for the College of Engineering.

Dear Gerry:
I enjoyed the course because I had the pleasure of becoming friends with a number of people from different parts of the world and with broad backgrounds without even meeting them. We exchanged ideas and we shared our valuable experiences.
This course can have countless advantages for me; a few of them are listed below:

Asynchronous nature - convenience of choice over when to participate

Participants can ask questions without waiting in turn
Reduces my travelling costs and being away from my family
I can reach many more students
I can conduct Live Chat with my students
Giving timely and constructive feedback to tasks completed
Carefully design an online course with a well planed organization and timetable

Developing mechanism for achieving my course objectives
Using the five-step model for a successful online course
During the whole course I could sense and experienced the tutors constant monitoring of the course. There was always at least one of them available for support and help. The feedback I received was professional with high standard and always in positive manner and encouraging. I could see their flexibility and rigidity during the course as they were necessary.
Being a teacher for long time, I would give the tutors A plus for their performance. They did an excellent job and I am thankful for their effort.

With best wishes,
Mahmood Moshfeghian

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